Project Manager

Ravi Setu

Ravi Setu

Ravi Setu has been Project Manager of Pacific Properties since 1999. In his time he has been in charge of the following projects:

His role within Pacific Properties as a Project Manager encompasses all aspects of property development from site acquisition, sustainable and equitable urban design, the council approval process dealing with all levels of government, engineering and operational works, sales and marketing, civil works and bulk earthworks, home construction, landscaping, legal legislation and contract settlement.

Ravi did Journalism and Drama Majors at University before working in radio, both on air and in promotions and marketing. He has also owned and operated 6 Subway Franchises on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

Ravi is from the new breed of Property Developers and Project Managers who believe in long term sustainability, and value adding to sites through good urban design. Ravi has a keen interest in ‘on site storm water management systems’ such as the ‘swale storm water management system’ that was used at Mulambin Waters, which returned water in its cleanest form back into the underground water streams. He also has a keen interest in ‘bio retention basins’ as another form of onsite storm water management system and native low water landscaping.

Ravi is currently Project Managing ‘The Shoals at Lammermoor Beach’ and expects this project to be completed by 2019.


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